Monday, March 2, 2009

Homelessness in Literature

This term invaded literature and it is used to describe writers who do not live in their countries. The questions that rises here are: why terms and concepts are imposed on us? Are we allowed to doubt these terms?I don't know the answers to my questions, and maybe I'm breaking prohibited rules, but I simply do not accept that any writer even if he or she does not dwell in her country to be homeless because language is a home for writers and is a new terrain for literature, and I think it is more important than land. I also refuse this term because I feel that we belong to minds, feelings and principles, even to our social relationships more than land. Moreover, there is no local literature anymore, but as if globalization launched a new literature that does not have any nationality, but a literature that belongs to all humanity.On the contrary, I believe that writers who belong to their homeland more than language and humanity are homeless because their limited minds and conservative values tied them to a limited space or to a room in our new home, genuine language that heals the wounded humanity.